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A primary value is BORDERLESS conduct their operations with a high sense of ethics, both in their dealings with customers and suppliers, customs and any other agency of the federal, local or municipal government.


Also, the company is committed to the security and integrity of its employees (as) in the performance of their duties.


According to these principles, the allegations created BORDERLESS site in order to provide all (as) employees (as) the possibility of denouncing situations and practices that violate their dignity, threatening its integrity and/or affect the values company.




1. Illegal and / or acts of corruption

2. Threats favored by managers or others to force wrongdoing

3. Sexual and workplace harassment

4. Discrimination based on race , gender , sexual orientation or religion

5. Unsafe working conditions

6. potential Risks


Complaints will be directed solely to the company's president and chief executive officer, who shall act in accordance with the following policy:

Conducting investigations of every case reported , exercising necessary to avoid, remedy or stop any illegal action or unsafe actions, maintaining strict confidentiality in the name of (a) the complainant.

Provide an incentive to (a) the complainant for his role in correcting a problem.

Take necessary measures to ensure that (a) the complainant is not the victim of retaliation for reporting.


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